Safe Taxi GPS Alarm Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

DIY GPS location based Alerts Alarms Asset Management

Guardian Safety Management System and beamSmart is a Revolutionary cloud-based System integrating location, route, history, video, SMS, encryption, ...

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dashcam Review

This is an unboxing and review of the brand new two channel dashcam from Korean maker Pittasoft.

5" full HD 1080P Android Car Rearview Mirror DVR with Bluetooth, GPS, Dual Camera, Radar detector

Where is to buy?

WalkMeHome - Mother and daughter

A daughter shows her mother how to use the safety app WalkMeHome. Download the app on WalkMeHome is an app that ...

Garmin Aera 550 Aviation GPS Product Demo

Area 550 Aviation GPS Product Demonstration.


Trak GPS Tracker is the smartest, ready-to-use safety product designed for kids, elders, young and working women, employees, cars, etc. Trak helps you locate ...

Speed and red light cameras alert with Speedometer app for iPhone.

Speedometer can alert you on speed and red light cameras or any kind of a waypoint/poi actually. Just upload the file from any of the point of interest providers ...

Android Rear View Mirror "Shift"- Dual Core CPU, 5 Inch Capacitive Touchscr, GPS, DVR, Bluet.Headset

To buy now click on the link: Android Car Rear View Mirror with 5 Inch capacitive touch screen, GPS Navigation built in, Rotatable Dash ...

App enabled panic button surges in popularity with college students

SEATTLE - Seattle University is a campus in a big city with students aware of the downside. "You always hear about stuff that happens around 12th and ... NYC for Android - Video Trailer App Preview NYC is made with love in NYC, and is designed around New York City Subway transit experience. As result, the app is intuitively easy to use & gets ...

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